KetoActiv Protein Collagen - Coconut Caramel

HOW TO USE: Add 30g (one scoop) to 200mL of water. Blend, shake or stir until completely mixed.
WHEN TO USE: Once or twice daily as preferred.
BENEFITS: Good source of protein and easy to use.

KetoActiv protein collagen has a blend of quality protein and fats while also being low in sugar. This is a versatile and convenient ketogenic option.



Collagen hydrolysate (30%), pea protein (23.7%), coconut milk pwder (13.4%), coconut  milk (90%), maltodextrin, starch, MCT pwder (9.5%) (coconut medium chain triglycerides (75%), acacia gum), avocado powder (9.5%) (avacado oil (75%), tapioca starch), cocoa powder, natural caramel flavour, thickeners (guar gum, xanthan gum), natural sweetener (thaumatin), salt